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Faith Takes on Fear & Failure

In a recent audio, I listened to Sarah Blakley, the creator of Spanx.
Her journey is very interesting. She didn’t have a silver spoon thrust into her mouth. Most of what she learned about success began with how she was able to redefine the meaning of failure.
She also learned a great deal about resilience as a cold-caller selling fax machines.
Before becoming the youngest self-made woman billionaire, she learned some valuable lessons that we could all probably learn from:
  • We all begin life with some sort of disadvantage.
  • There is no such thing as a start. 99% of the time it is usually start and stop, start and stop, start, start, start and then go.
  • To be successful, it will require a process of cold calling. Cold calling teaches you not to take No for an answer.
  • Our mistakes have the power to make us memorable and teachable. When you learn this lesson, the mistake becomes a memorial to our success.
  • Learn to get your foot in the door. (Practically and Spiritually)
  • Reject the fear of rejection.
  • Sarah learned not to accept No after hearing it for 2 years trying to sell fax machines.
  • True failure is refusal to try.
  • Keep your mind focused on your objective.
  • When you lose focus, you become susceptible to average.

When we are willing to live a courageous life, an Acknowledged Life, there is some risk. But when we take risk at the suggestion of what God wants, risk precedes promotion.

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