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How Acknowledgement Leads to a Godly Perspective

Your perspective is what usually leads you into your God-given promises OR BOXES you out.

God has given to us two eyes – and I believe it is a reminder that if we only see things through one eye, we are not seeing the full picture. It is a biologic and physiologic fact that even though the two eyes are just a few inches apart – with two eyes our vision is clearer, multi-dimensional and discerning.

I think the two eyes are a metaphor for how we are to view our lives and situations: from our perspective and from God’s perspective.

When we see things only through our own perspective we limit ourselves.

Prayers of Acknowledgement open up the possibilities.

Scientists have discovered that there are at least 7 benefits of seeing with our two eyes:

  • It offers the person the ability to see when one eye is injured or damaged.
  • It broadens the person’s field of vision – with two eyes a person’s field of vision is 190 degrees. With one eye a person’s field of vision is ONLY 40 degrees.
  • It produces a parallax effect – producing a depth of field. It also allows us to break through the camouflage of another creature.
  • It offers to us a different line of sight.
  • It allows us to see more of an object behind an obstacle.
  • It gives binocular vision – the ability to detect faint objects.

It also allows us to apprehend objects in 3 dimensions.


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