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Change of Seasons, a Change in Perspective

Understanding a season requires more than a calendar. It is not all about a temperature change. There are other forces at work. The activities of each season reflect its function.

Jesus understood this better than anyone else in Scripture, and consequently, He offers to us an opportunity to learn from Him.

John Chapter 13 clearly shows that this is a period of time when Jesus’s ministry takes a significant and severe turn that most who were following Him did not expect.

Everyone was expecting a complete break-out and breakthrough of Jesus’s ministry onto the scene to the degree that they even expected the overthrow of the Roman government to occur.

But what did Jesus do?

First, He didn’t continue in the old model of miracles, raising of the dead, healings and feedings. So when Satan comes at Jesus, He didn’t begin to battle Satan on the terms and at the level that Satan was engaging Him.

The book that I’m reading by Tony Evans is helping me get a grasp on the times that we are living in.

Tony Evans writes that “the whole world lies in Satan’s power and we have to recognize that he exerts influence over the world’s leaders and structures. Once we understand this principle, we realize the answer to all those lies much deeper than just electing the right person to office. That’s certainly important, but there is a bigger battle going on here. Until we begin to trace our individual family, church and societal problems back to their spiritual source, Satan will continue to take spiritual POWs [prisoners of war] in bunches.”

“You may feel that Satan has taken you prisoner in one or more areas of your life. Your problems may go all the way back to childhood in the form of an abusive parent. You may be repeating destructive patterns in your family that were present at your birth.”

“Whatever the case, you may have been a prisoner of war so long that you think and act like a POW. Identifying the source of attack is one important step toward your liberation. Another is to find out how he attacks us.” P.82

“… if your problem, your struggle, your need is induced and orchestrated by your spiritual enemy, your flesh can’t win the fight. Unless you choose a spiritual response, all the time, effort, and resources you spent trying to fix the problem will ultimately be a waste of time, a band-aid on the situation.”

“And if your battle is a spiritual battle, it needs a spiritual cure. You don’t fight cancer with skin lotion. You don’t fight a brain tumor by taking two aspirin and lying down. Those kinds of problems demand another kind of help. So do spiritual problems.” P.83

So now think a little bit about what happened with Joshua and the walls of Jericho. God had them walking around the walls of Jericho for 6 straight days. Not talking not saying a word but walking around the whole place. I think part of that exercise by God was to begin to cause them to exercise a disciplined mind in their throat life.

Truly the battle is in the mind and if we manage our minds, we will manage our outcomes. It says in Proverbs, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” Jesus wants us to begin to think His thoughts to begin to see His outcomes and also to begin to act in concert with His timing.

If Jesus began to retaliate against the Pharisees at the time, the Romans at the time, and even other religious groups at the time, He would have missed His divine appointment and destiny. Jesus had a place to go, He had something to do, and He and the Father were in agreement on this thing. We need to have our assignments nailed down, in more ways than one. We have to be unmovable.

This may take a little doing because the force that has been brought against you didn’t start 20 minutes ago, it may have started 20 years ago.

John Chapter 13 is not one of my warm & cozy little chapters. Betrayal, disappointment and crucifixion are not my idea of a good time on a Friday night.

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