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Days of Decisions

When it comes to electing a president, the election takes place on a single day, and then you are stuck with the results, for better or worse, for the next 4 years.

The same thing holds true with an Acknowledged Life: the decisions you make today you will be stuck with, for better or worse, for months, years or decades.

So consequently, realizing this, I see that my daily decisions and acknowledgements will either translate into victory or defeat! A fact about war, victory is never an accidental event, whereas, defeat often comes by virtue of complacency.

But life is all about decisions. You cannot change something by ignoring it. Face it or serve it: those are the two choices Christians must face with respected to spiritual warfare!

Here are some notes I took from Tony Evans’s book on spiritual warfare.

I am rereading Tony Evans’ “The Battle is the Lord’s” and am rediscovering what I have ‘seemed to have forgotten.’ As a result, I am providing a quick snapshot of some take-aways from the book. Here they are:

All of us have tried to change people who are not doing right. What we need to understand is that what happens through people, including you and me, has its roots in something much larger. This fact does not excuse the wrong things people do. They are still responsible. But it helps us focus on the Real Enemy.

Everything visible and physical is the result of something invisible and spiritual. Therefore only by addressing the invisible spiritual cause can we fix what is wrong with what is taking place in our visible, physical lives.

Your five senses are not the limits of reality… not only are your physical senses very limited, but they are often of little help in spiritual warfare.

There are two worldviews, one which is materialistic or natural and the other one is spiritual: it includes competing spiritual world views such as variations of how the spirit functions and operates.

The one spiritual worldview that we follow is biblical-based; it is theocratic and it believes that there is only one true God.

There are other competing spiritual views that believe that horoscopes, palm readers and all sorts of new-age teaching function and work just as much as a biblical worldview.

In order to understand spiritual warfare, we have to address it through the lens of the spirit, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Many believers are seeing the wounds of spiritual warfare in their own personal lives. This doesn’t mean these people are doing something really bad. It could be that they have a problem such as uncontrolled anger. Please note that failing to control anger grants the devil an opportunity to gain a foothold of your life. Then he can use it as a base of operations to launch more spiritual attacks against you. If Satan can see it’s our emotions he can destroy our ability to function by crippling us emotionally or leading us into all manner of destructive and addictive behavior.

Spiritual warfare also has an impact on Church Life. Paul told Timothy to watch out for doctrines of demons. The church is being undermined in many places today by teachers who purport to teach the Bible but are teaching “the doctrines” from hell. Anyone can quote the Bible. But the devil will use or misuse the scriptures when it is to his advantage to do so.

Finally spiritual warfare affects the life of a nation, the culture in which we live. Satan’s job is to get us to ignore the spiritual realm and give us a low-value. If he can divert us from the spiritual realm, he can divert us from finding spiritual solutions.

According to Ephesians 3:10, spiritual rulers and authorities are dominating the spiritual realm. These are angels. This is important from the standpoint of spiritual warfare, because it takes an angel to beat an angel. If your problem originates in the Heavenly places or Heavenly realms you need a solution that originates in the Heavenly places. You and I are no match for the power and deceptiveness of Satan and his army. We need the power of God to neutralize Satan’s attacks against us.

If you need Divine help but don’t have a ‘Heavenly places’ mindset you won’t know how to get the help you need at the time you need it.

The good news is you can take a trip to the spiritual realm anytime you feel like it, because spiritually, you’re already there. You are seated with Christ in Heavenly places.

In Washington DC, sits Capitol Hill, is where Congress makes decisions about how our country will be run. What is decided there will affect you no matter where you live.

Heavenly places refers to the Capitol Hill of the universe. It is where decisions are made that affect our lives. There are two opposing parties, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan, each seeking to promote its agenda. Our party headed by Jesus Christ, occupies the spiritual White House, and he has veto power. Satan’s party however seeks to undermine and sabotage and destroy all those who’ve aligned themselves with Christ Jesus.

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