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The Power of Mountain Time

Before Joshua was commissioned for the mission, he spent additional time on the mountain in the presence of God. Before we take any mountain, we will be required to spend time on the mountain.

Prayer should result in our deeper sense of humility. Humility is God’s protocol for intercession, because humility is attractive to God. If you want God involved, cultivate a culture of humility. Also, humility also creates communion.

Without humility, we will always resist the vision that God has for our lives.

“Fundamental to the language of the in-between is an understanding of how the culture we live in predetermines the categories we use to read our world. American poet e.e. cummings said that, ‘If you have something to hide, hide it in the sun.’ In other words, the things we assume and take for granted are the very things we can lose the ability to to see. This is why relationships fall apart if couples take each other for granted,” stated Alan Roxburgh.

Consequently, it is very difficult to understand and see how the culture around us is producing a blindness to what it is producing.

Alan Roxburgh says, “Imagine trying to teach a goldfish the meaning of water, which would be almost impossible to do. When something lives inside an environment as pervasive as water it loses its capacity to see its presence. The very thing that gives life becomes invisible, it’s not seeing because it’s everywhere. Culture is to humans what water is to fish. Most of the time we don’t think about our culture, it’s just the conventional Common Sense way of living.” Missional Map Making page 44

“This refusal to acknowledge the sea change all around us is precisely what is happening in our churches and among our leaders when we assume that our crisis can be fixed by working harder at things like improving worship, better preaching, more effective discipleship, and more passionate spirituality.” p 42.

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