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God is a Map Maker

God is a map maker. It comes naturally to Him since He’s a father, and all fathers attempt to provide maps for their children to follow.

The maps that God gives to us have two purposed destinations: first, to lead us to Him and second, to the destiny He’s creating for us. John 14:3 “For I go to prepare a place for you.”

How does God go about this map-making process? It begins with an attitude shift.

The scripture says, “There is a river that makes glad the city of our God.” That river is the fear of the Lord.

What is the fear of the Lord about?
The fear of the Lord isn’t a simple pedestrian topic but it is necessary to understand that without it, God’s plans for our lives will be a difficult process to sustain and impossible to realize without it.

Just consider the thief on the cross; I don’t think that his encounter with God through Christ Jesus was his first encounter with God. That cross was simply a roadblock that God erected as a final point of confrontation. It clearly wasn’t the first chance. I am sure this thief became a thief because he didn’t understand how to pursue the plans of God. God says I know the plans that I have for you, plans for your success.

Most likely the thief on that cross didn’t like or understand the way that it appeared God was leading him. He thought he had a better way to go about living his life, which brought him to this lonely cross on this lonely hill 2000 years ago.

Frankly, we are all like that thief who believed he knew better than God.

The fear of the Lord is the attitude adjustment that we adopt toward God and toward ourselves.

Proverbs 14:26 and Proverbs 14:27 present two of the great benefits of fearing God.

Proverbs 14:26 states, “In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence, and his children shall have a place of refuge.”
Proverbs 14:27 states, “The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.”

All of God’s maps begin with God’s perspective. You can’t get to where God is bringing you until you begin to see what God is doing with you and through you.

Your salvation is not simply your ‘get-out-of-jail’ card. Salvation is intended to provide those around you with the evidence of a map that is true and reliable. Proverbs 14:25 says, A true witness delivers souls, but a deceitful witness speaks lies.

So now we can understand how the scriptures work together to demonstrate not only God’s objective but God’s process. It’s the fear of the Lord that produces confidence: what is that confidence in? John 14:3 states, “And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am there you may also be.”

Our fearing God is actually our perspective based upon Who He says He is and what He promises to do.

Our attitudes determine our actions; that is why the mindsets that God gives to each one of us is so critical.

During our last meeting at the New York Stock Exchange, one of the takeaways from the meeting was that all delays from God produce transformation.

The purpose of delay is transformation.

Wisdom is the capacity to endure the delay of process for the purpose of transformation.

Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. What does it mean to “fear the Lord” and why is this fear the beginning of wisdom?

The fall of Man began with a delay, when it ‘appeared’ that God was holding out on Eve. And the salvation of man ends with an unexpected arrival of a Savior.

That is why prayer is the process by which we learn Who God is and how He wants to live through us in relationship. That relationship is Destiny. Delay didn’t stop Joshua and Caleb and it won’t stop you and me. What comes out of all this delay is a confidence (Proverbs 14:26). This is the wisdom that could not come through the Halls of Education or the classrooms of a seminary.

It was the fear of the Lord that propelled Joshua to apprehend the Promises of God. Those seven promises articulated in Joshua chapter 1 are the basis of every New Testament believer’s faith.

There are two sources of wisdom; one is through following and learning from God. The second one is an anointing that God releases on an individual for the purpose of demonstration and relation.

The purpose of all wisdom is legacy.


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