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Living the Yes Life: “I’ll Take That”

I had a great opportunity to provide a training mini-workshop on Social Media to a group of business and marketplace professionals. As a communicator, I am constantly on the hunt for different approaches to make the content of my material relevant, practical and engaging.

I try to shy away from the pure concept of the subject matter, until I can demonstrate to people why it should matter.

And this goes back to the title of this eBook, Living a Yes Life in a Neverland; so allow me to share this wonderful example.

This woman, Angella (this is how she spells her name), was sitting across the table from me during our lunch break, and her husband, Steve, got up from the table. He noticed a jar full of lollipops on the counter, and it just so happened that there was one special lollipop, a chocolate one. Steve reached for it and then across the table was handing it to Angela.

Angella was involved in a conversation with another person at the table, but she was able to see the special lollipop that Steve was passing over to her. Angela continued her conversation, but without missing a beat, like an eagle swooping down to reach for a fish from a river, her hand jutted out and swiped it from her husband. Never even giving it her full attention, she declared to her husband, “I’ll take that!” and the lollipop was history. It was hers. She instinctively knew and even half expected that her husband would be looking out for her prized lollipop of choice: chocolate.

Angella continued in her conversation, and when she put the lollipop on the table, I discreetly took it and placed it into my pocket. I then walked behind her and said, “I need to borrow your lollipop for the class. I will give it back to you when we start the session.”

I began the session, explaining about Facebook and Twitter and how we could use them to help other people and not just ourselves, when I turned to Angella and asked her to come up for her lollipop, which she promptly did.

As she took the candy from my hand, I asked her, “Do you remember what you said to Steve when you took it from him?” She said, “Not really.”

I then reminded her: “You said to him, ‘I’ll take that!’”

“You see, in your relationship with your husband, you have come to expect him to surprise you with treats and surprises; you don’t even give it a second thought that what he is offering to you would be something bad or unappetizing. The kind of relationship that you have with your husband is what I call a Yes Relationship.

“This is exactly the kind of relationship we need to have with the Lord. He is so many times thinking of us and offering us things, and yet we try to rationalize it and spiritualize it and personalize it and a million other things; but it all comes down to the quality of the relationship that we have with Him.”

After I was able to make the connection between Angela’s yes to her husband and our Yes to the Lord, people in the workshop were suddenly aware of all the Yes’s that were coming to them during the rest of the day, and would shout out when they saw the Lord giving them something, “I’ll take that.”

There had to be at least ten or so “I’ll take that’s” that afternoon. And the more they said it, the more they got.

God typically is pushing toward us more Yes’s than He is No’s. There is even that Scripture which states:

“For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.” 2 Cor 1:20

Discovering the Yes relationship of God is a powerful thing, since even His No’s have a built-in Yes on the other side.

God is trying to get us to develop our sense of Yes.

There are Yes’s in life, and then there are YES’s.

The higher the quality of our relationship with God, the greater and the higher quality we can expect the Yes’s to be.

We are all being trained to live our lives with a ‘Yes attitude.’

To do so, we have to embrace the trust in the Lord in the same way that Angella knows and trusts her husband, Steve.

Expect the Lord to surprise us daily with bouquets of Yes’s, and just be ready with an “I’ll take that.”

I encourage everyone to come out to BOLD Tuesday, 12:45pm, St. Bart’s Small Chapel, 50th Street & Park Avenue, New York City.

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Living the Yes Life: The Top Ten Course Corrections

Living the Yes Life includes dozens and even hundreds of No’s that erupt and intersect everyday life. Moreover, one’s disposition of the No’s that populate and infiltrate our days will expose one’s capacity and character to handle the Yes’s when they finally come to pass. Living a Yes Life is jammed with tons of zigs and millions of zags. Once you seem to get a hold on it, Life throws you a zig when you were expecting a zag.

Ten Zig, Zags and No

David’s life was replete with a plethora of Zigs, Zags and No’s.

  1. Lousy job – shepherd
  2. Bad pay – shepherd
  3. Dangerous – lions and bears
  4. Called of God – but still left to tend the sheep
  5. Courageous – Given part-time job of take-out delivery service and ends up matched with a Goliath
  6. Criticized – by his brothers
  7. Attacked – by his boss (Saul)
  8. Hunted – by his boss (Saul)
  9. Forgotten of God – in the courts of his enemies
  10. Called to love his enemy – Saul’s son Mephibisheth

I wrote in the margins of my Bible, “Before God blesses you with money – he will make sure you have enough integrity to be able to live without.”

Prov 19:1 Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity

It is not how well we start out; or even how well we do in the middle of the course, but how we finish that matters. Christianity is all about finishing well, and finishing right. It is the ultimate End Game.

Proverb 19:20 states: Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.

The word for instruction actually means correction or discipline. Successful lives must be built around course corrections and discipline. Those are the two attributes that will keep you at the top – should you get there, and will absolutely keep you from hitting the bottom in any case.

This is the lifestyle of the Yes Life — The Yes Life shows you how to manage all the No’s that come by so that you learn how to make course corrections along the way!

What do you think? Comment below!

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